Friday, January 16, 2009

Cesar Millan, Part Gazillion

Two big paws up to Seattle, Washington, TV reporter Joel Moreno for his report on Cesar Millan's recent visit to that city. As Dr. Jim Ha, animal behaviorist, notes, Millan's so-called training methods produce "learned helplessness" and redirected aggression in dogs -- hardly the stuff of a trusting, loving relationship. Indeed, as Ha continues, Millan's methods turn the dog into "a ticking time bomb."

The full report is here.


Pat Miller said...

Wat to go Reporter Joel Moreno! It's incredibly refreshing to find someone in the media who sees Millan as he really is. I hope this excellent piece gets *widespread* distribution!!!

Pat Miller said...

Oops! That shoudl be "Way" to go,,,

Penelope Brown said...

Hats off to Joel Moreno and his astute interpretation of Millan's methods!

I hope this article is the first of many perhaps including more resources for trainers practicing animal-friendly and science based methods.

Pam Wanveer said...

It is refreshing to see the light of day being shown on Cesar Millan's methods.