Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I get lucky -- again

Nice picture, huh? That is my now former car.

Allie and I were headed to our training class in Hagerstown two days ago, motoring along on I-270, when suddenly, out of nowhere, I heard a tremendous ear-rattling crash that was way too close for comfort. The vehicle behind me had hit my car hard: hard enough to shatter one of the plastic clasps of Allie's seat belt and send her from the back seat to the floor, hard enough to send my car into the rear end of the car in front of me. Apparently the driver behind me was not paying attention to his driving. Instead, according to one witness, he was looking at someone changing a tire on the left shoulder of the interstate. The result is that not-so-nice picture.

Fortunately, Allie and I are both okay. I've got mild whiplash, which is being treated with prescription ibuprofen and a muscle relaxant. Allie seems fine physically, but is sticking closer to me than usual. And she's not at all interested in getting into a car again, thank you very much. I'd like to change that, obviously. So I'm using a clicker and high-value treats to try and convince her to give motoring another go. But it'll take a long time to get her there, I think.

Meanwhile, my former vehicle, known affectionately as The Allie Car, has been written up as a total loss. I've turned the title over to the insurance company (hence, the "former" characterization) and given the tags to Virginia's DMV. I should get a check in the next day or so, at which point I'll go out and get Allie Car Number Two.

As for Allie's broken seatbelt, I'm taking the advice of someone who wrote a product review of canine seat belts, and plan to invest in this clasp-less number.

A couple of people have commented to me that I've had an awful year so far -- what with brain surgery in February and now a car that's been totaled due to someone else's negligence. I can see why people would see my year that way. But I choose to see it differently: that these events have happened, yes, but I am still here. I'm not only surviving but thriving -- still -- and Allie's been right here with me.

Update, 6/26: Several people told me that the picture of my car didn't show up on the blog, so I've removed it. Probably just as well that it didn't show because, as my brother said, "my imagination already took care of it."

In better news, though, I bought a new car last night. Now I need to try to get Allie to like it as much as I do!


jan said...

I like to see people with that kind of attitude. Stuff happens, life goes on. Good for you.

Roxanne @ Champion of My Heart said...

That is so scary! I'm glad you're both OK.

My piece in the May 09 issue of AKC Gazette includes on car safety product expert recommending the use 3 products together -- seat belt, seat extender, and hammock.

I see she has it on sale right now. The 3-products work together to keep dogs from falling into the leg compartment in an accident.

I cannot put in the URL, but the site is called Canine Commuter.

Roxanne @ Champion of My Heart said...

Correction. It's the July 09 issue of the magazine. My eds just got their copies off the press.

Gina said...

I'd say that maybe you shouldn't leave the house, but didn't you fall in your house?

In any case: You and Allie had your guardian angels with you!

Cars can be replaced. You and Allie ... not.

Susan said...

No,I didn't fall in my house -- I was at a nearby park when I took that now-infamous bump to the head, Gina.

I've already replaced the car: a new 2009 Civic with a cabin that reminds me of the Starship Enterprise.

Roxanne, I'll check out the Canine Commuter website. Thanks so much for the tip.

Apologies to all for the photo not showing up. But maybe that's just as well. I'll edit the post accordingly.