Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Can Dachshunds countersurf?

Those of us who have the privilege of sharing our lives with larger dogs know that one downside to living with these individuals is that they can easily hoist themselves up on to their hind legs, place their front legs atop a kitchen counter, and proceed to score any unauthorized goodies within their reach.

But today's AP obituary for the world's oldest dog -- a wirehaired Dachshund named Chanel -- contains this interesting anecdote: "Along with her owner, Chanel spent nine years on assignment in Germany, where she became adept at stealing sticks of butter from kitchen countertops and hiding them in sofa cushions in the living room."

What I want to know is this: how the hell did a Dachshund manage to reach that countertop in the first place?

In any case, rest in peace, Chanel. The obit is here.

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