Monday, April 20, 2009

The Amazing ... Retrievers

I'm a big fan of CBS's The Amazing Race, the 14-seasons-strong reality show in which 10 or 11 teams of two contestants each have to negotiate various challenges in a race around the world. The incentive: $1 million for the winning team.

Last night's installment found the teams in China. During one challenge there, teams had to go by raft to the middle of a small bay, where one person from each team had to throw fish into the water for trained birds to retrieve. Yes, you read that correctly: birds. As one contestant noted, "If someone put filet mignon in my mouth, I would eat it, not hand it back."

Here is the clip. I don't know how those birds were trained (maybe I don't want to know), but I thought the challenge was very cool.

P.S. I totally thought that Keisha and Jen were playing dirty with Luke. Way dirty -- and not in a good way.


Roxanne @ Champion of My Heart said...

We love that show too and enjoyed seeing those birds work.

Susan said...

My daughter and I keep talking about trying out for that show. Only a few more months till she's the magic age of 21 and we can do it. I would have totally done the bird challenge, and we agreed that calligraphy rather than choreography would have been the way to do.

Roxanne @ Champion of My Heart said...

My husband jokes about trying to get on the show, but it's a long-standing joke in our marriage that I'm a terrible map reader and poor navigator, so it would be a disaster. :o)

Susan said...

Fortunately, Julie is good with maps and has an amazing sense of direction. Which is good, because I'm lousy with maps, too.