Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dear Neighbor

Actually, you're not so dear.

Once again, you were walking up the street, reading your newspaper, with your leashless dog lagging behind. This is the same dog who got into a staring contest with my dog (leashed, thank you very much) on one occasion, charged across a neighbor's lawn to get to her and to me on another occasion, and dragged your daughter down our street to reach us on still another occasion. The last incident was particularly galling because your child's clearly clueless grandma was smiling idiotically the whole time.

I managed my dog, who frankly has no love for yours. I crossed the street, got out some treats, waited behind a car out of your dog's view, and fed the treats to my dog. Your dog still had seen mine, and was performing her customary stare. At that point you saw me, and stopped long enough for your lallygagging pooch to catch up to you. I kept feeding treats to my dog until you and your dog passed beyond where we were hiding -- yes, hiding.

And I've been nice to your dog. On several occasions when she's gotten loose, I've brought her back home. I've put her back in her yard, closed the gate, and put dumpsters in front of it to block her in . On one occasion, your next-door neighbor -- who, by the way, is deathly afraid of most dogs -- helped me. I've left you notes, asking you to please secure your fence. Not a peep from you, though.

I'm tired of having to cross the street to avoid you and your dog. I should not have to hide behind a car with my dog because you are too pig-headed to leash your not-totally-dependable dog properly. I should not have to stop your wife on the street to ask her to ask you to leash your dog. I should not have to convene an inner debate over whether to risk a confrontation with you (because you are about a gazillion feet tall to my just barely 5' 3") to just get you to comply with local leash laws.

Did you see me staring at you, douchebag?


jan said...

It seems like there is always one in every neighborhood. I'm always reluctant to turn them in because it is the dogs who have to pay the price for human ignorance.

Susan said...

Yup. Plus, my family and I still have to live here.

Roxanne @ Champion of My Heart said...

It's a tough call. If someone had reported the regularly loose and aggressive dog in a friend's neighborhood, there's a chance her whole family (2 people, 2 dogs) would not have been attacked recently while out on a walk.

I feel your pain. I too am woefully tired of rude, clueless people who do not control or contain their dogs.

Kathleen said...

I'll never understand not leashing a dog in city neighborhoods. Not to do so is completely disrespectful of fellow pedestrians, drivers, other animals. It also shows a startling lack of compassion for one's dog.

Why do people take their dogs out and don't leash them? Is it to look cool? I don't get it.

Susan said...

In the case of the d-bag on my street, Kathleen, I think it's a control issue -- as in he wants to show that he's in complete control of his dog. There's another guy in my neighborhood who claims that his JRT is under *his* complete control, even though I've seen that little dog run out into the street to greet passersby at least three times in the last few months.

And Roxanne, I'm sorry for the family in your friend's neighborhood. Seems that the people who are doing things right are the one who pay the price for those who deliberately do things wrong.