Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I love Richard Cohen

Well -- today anyway.

WaPo's long-time columnist has taken on the issue of convicted dog abuser/former quarterback Michael Vick's quest to rejoin the NFL. So far, no team has signed him, and it's my sincere hope that no team does. Alas, according to Cohen, my hope may be in vain. He writes:

"In due course, Vick will play again. His entry has already been smoothed by the touching concern of Jackson and others, not to mention a bevy of sportswriters who seem to have programmed their computers to type out "paid his debt to society" with a single keystroke. Some of them have pointed out that they are dog lovers. Touching. But we have yet to hear from the dogs themselves."

It's a brilliant piece of impassioned ranting. Read it here.

Update: Philadelphia Eagles (and you other four teams), shame on you.


jan said...

Sports writers all want Vick back. It's something to write about and face it, they need constant controvesial topics.

Susan said...

I know, but I'm really disappointed -- especially in Sally Jenkins, whom I normally consider a voice of sanity within sports journalism.

Susan said...

I should have added that in my quote, "Jackson" referred to Jesse Jackson, who said (no, I'm not kidding), that Vick's quest to return to the NFL was akin to Jackie Robinson's breaking the color barrier in baseball.