Saturday, February 6, 2010

A credibility problem

I'm always happy to see a company at least try to be responsive to the needs of those of us who love and live with dogs, cats, and other pets. So I applaud Bissell, a manufacturer of floor and carpet cleaning products, for attempting to spread the word about its wares to those of us who want not only to live with animals, but to do so in reasonably clean surroundings.

That said, I think the company needs to have a conversation with its ad agency about establishing credibility within its target demographic. Specifically, the company might want to gently explain that a doggie day care is waaaay different from an in-home day care for human infants and toddlers.

Take a look at this commercial:

I rest my case.

And either way, I can't imagine either a human day care or a doggie day care located in a single room with light beige carpets. I don't care how good a carpet cleaning product the operator has -- those carpets will be the color of mud in a matter of months. Trust me.


Pat Steer (Gaelen) said...

those carpets won't last months - I give them a week. Especially with clients like Mr. Jiggles. I love my Bissell, but this commercial is just wrong.

Susan said...

It's wrong in more ways than one, isn't it?

Roxanne @ Champion of My Heart said...

Oh, dear. I've said before that people who don't know dogs shouldn't create pet products, so I guess we'd have to say that people who don't know dogs really shouldn't put them in commercials either.