Saturday, October 25, 2008

Dog women who dine

(Originally published February 11, 2008)

When I hear the phrase "ladies who lunch," I think of women clad in proper tweed suits, pillbox hats and white gloves who eat little tea sandwiches made from crustless bread and garnished with watercress. That is so not me: I haven't worn white gloves or a pillbox hat since I was barely in my teens and was expected to wear such attire to church on Sunday. And I have never, ever worn a tweed suit.

But there are a group of women -- dog trainers all, except for me and a Tellington TTouch practitioner -- with whom I love lunching every month. We've been dubbed the Lunch Bunch (who did the original dubbing, anyway?). I never fail to learn something when I'm with these women: not just about bringing out a dog's potential but also about subjects ranging from making money online to dealing with abusive seminar presenters (and that was just today).

So to the Lunch Bunch: many thanks for such good times, and I can't wait to enjoy more of them. I'd even don that tweed suit if that were required in order to lunch with you all -- but I'm so glad I don't have to.

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