Saturday, October 25, 2008

We owe you, Connor.

(Originally published May 19, 2008)

I'm always looking for ways to give Allie some indoor exercise when the weather's not conducive to outdoor frolicking. This past weekend, my nephew pointed the way to creating an indoor game that gave both the Golden girl and me a great workout.

Allie, Stan (my husband) and I spent the past weekend visiting my parents. My brother Jack and his son, Connor, came over Saturday evening for dinner. Allie and Connor are long-time buddies, and my Golden girl greeted my nephew with enthusiastic wiggles, wags, licks and love-whimpers. She greeted Jack in similar fashion.

After dinner, Jack and Connor went outside to practice some soccer moves, and Allie and I came out to watch. Allie went nuts over the ball. With me holding onto her leash for dear life, she and Connor proceeded to engage in a dribbling (as in soccer, not in drooling) duel. I was amazed at how intense Allie was in her effort to get the ball away from Connor, and how hard she panted when they both finally quit.

So when Stan, Allie and I arrived back in Virginia yesterday and Allie was in need of some exercise, I resurrected an old basketball from our basement and proceeded to foot-dribble it around the family room with The Big Blonde intercepting it more than once. We both had a good time moving the ball back and forth across the floor. Even better, we didn't break anything. Afterward, Miss Allie was a very mellow girl -- and I was, too.

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