Saturday, October 25, 2008

You're being so bad. Good dog!

(Originally published February 23, 2008)

Next month, filming begins on Marley and Me, the movie based on the mega-bestseller penned by John Grogan a couple of years back about his very lovable Lab, whom he dubbed "the world's worst dog." The film stars Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston as Grogan and his wife, Jenny. I can't find any info on the dog(s) who will play Marley, but the animal trainer is Mark Forbes, who had a fairly recent gig wrangling and otherwise dealing with all the animals who appeared in that 21st-century Noah's Ark tale, Evan Almighty.

Here's what I want to know: how is Forbes going to train this dog to do all the bad things that Marley did, such as chewing through drywall, destroying his crate, and dragging his people on a frantic run through an outdoor cafe? And once that dog gets a taste of the joys of being a bad dog, what on earth is going to make him want to be a good dog again?

When this movie comes out on Netflix, I will not allow Allie to see it.

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